Cleaning Of Pearls

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Pearl jewellery are organic gems, women wear pearls signifies class, elegance and to many it is the cultural jewel. Women’s love of pearls is from the traditional look to elegant party wear. Natural pearls are discovered by humans from oyster shell, pearl coating and shine depends on the water it is build and also the creature involved, thickness of the natural pearl and its quality also depend on time duration it is left. 

To keep precious gem with care is the longing desire of every woman, no matter it is natural or cultured pearls, they are needed to be kept with great care.


  •  Put your pearl jewellery after you have done with your makeup and perfume.
  •  For the pearl ring keep it off while applying body lotion.
  •  Before you keep your pearls back in the case it is advised to clean them with lint-free, soft cloth.
  •  For cleaning the dirty pearls, mild water-soap solution can be used. 
  •  Keep your precious pearl jewel away from harsh detergents like ammonia.
  •  Avoid ultrasonic cleaners.
  •  Don’t use abrasive cloth on your pearl it will make your pearl loose natural glitter and leaves you with plain beads.
  •  For storing your pearl, jewel it is suggested to store them in the different case because they may get scratches from metals and other gemstones. Preserve your pearls in a special soft case bag which is not made from the abrasive material.
  •  Your pearl must be kept in shape so as to be sure that the cord holding it must remain in good shape.



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