Colorful Chunky Jewelry

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Accessories have a mesmerizing effect on the outfits we wear. A touch of glamour is achieved by complementing a simple outfit with some outstanding piece of jewelry. This season trends are pointing to the colorful chunky jewelry pieces. A right piece of jewelry selected enhances the overall look. ‘Big and bold’ is the fashion mantra this summer. It may be an oversized colorful bangle, or a big ring or a chunky statement necklace. The whole range of this type of jewelry is available at The Indian Square.


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Just like the layering of clothes being the current fashion style, similarly layering of jewelry is catching the eyeballs of fashion divas. Layering the colorful pieces of chunky jewelry and keeping a simple outfit is ‘in’ these days. It is real fun to layer your jewelry to show off the bold look and grab the eyeballs. It may be large pendants, funky oversized bangles, large stone rings or bib necklaces; everything when layered well gives an edgy look. Different sizes and shapes of these pieces of jewelry when mixed give a modern look. Just a tip to remember: wear bold large chunky pieces with an outfit, which is uncomplicated to avoid the disastrous look!

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Whether the occasion for dress up is a night out or a casual visit, this chunky jewelry is a stylish way to add on to your personality. Large shaped beads and colorful pieces when combined together brighten up the whole look quite well. Traditional jewelry wearing tips are replaced by new modern age fashion tips. Now silver can be mixed with gold. Colorful beads can be mixed with delicate chains. These combinations, when worn together give a stunning look. Chunky statement necklaces are another great fashion trend going up on the fashion charts. It creates a divine look, as the necklace is the piece of jewelry that becomes the focus of the overall look.

Just feel free and try to mix and match the colorful pieces of jewelry according to your outfit. Small beads bracelet and some bangles when added to a simple cuff can brighten up the look and make it extremely fashionable. Do not hesitate to mix and match. The more you try, the more you will get numerous combinations to flaunt. Choose a large ring to get a funky look. A tip to remember while wearing a statement ring is to get your nails perfectly groomed as this large piece of jewelry attracts all the attention to your hands.

With chunky chains, statement necklaces, large rings, beautiful cuffs, bib collars, there is something or the other to suit everyone’s personality. Take a step ahead from usual trends and show off your new funky look this season. Check out all the chunky colorful piece of jewelry at Keep it funky and chic!

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