From Hoops to Studs

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Wearing earrings in India is more than just a tradition, considered to be a very significant fashion accessory worn by women. From a girl to a lady and from lady to women all of them love colourful earrings which go with their dress. Girls love to match them daily with artificial metal earrings, women goes for classy earrings. For formal weddings, festivals or some important occasion ladies love to adore their ears sometimes with classy pearl or diamond earring, sometimes with traditional heavy gold, silver earrings; girls have their special magic box to adore on daily basis, from fashionable to simple earrings that go perfectly with their every set. 

To question a Fashionist about one accessory that finishes their glamorous outfit or their graceful saris or stunning salwar kameez or their funky chic craggy look? The answer would be very quick and simple the perfectly matched earrings. Indian ladies and women try their look with every style of earrings which perfectly match their gorgeous outfit, from hoops to jhumka, from traditional polki to studs adds extra bling to their new looks. bet you trip across the most exciting collection of earring from traditional to classy, from simple to chunky. Following is the small description of two most excite range of earrings which every lady adores for special occasions. We catch hold for you the most diverse range of earrings from traditional Indian designs in hoops and jhumka to the fabulous studs for working ladies and modern divas.


Hoops earrings are considered to be the most admiring accessory a woman adore in her jewellery box, hoops are the lifetime favourite of a woman for any special occasion. Hoops are the best choice for any woman for their special sudden events, they are like a loyal friend goes in accordance with her signals, hugging and dangling to the ear. help you stumble across our new collection of traditional hoops on a single window with diverse variations, stone stubbed hoops, hoops with pearl balls, concentric hoops, twisted strands of hoops, and many more varieties. This wide range of hoop collection definitely comes with different sizes that best goes with your stunning dresses, either you choose traditional or with a cocktail gorgeous dress, so ladies hurry up to find best-fit collection.

From the stunning hoops, we take you to our glittering collection for studs, comparatively cheaper than original gemstones yet looks stunning for your cocktail parties. These studs with glittering stones give you exact shine like a solitaire. These studs with different shapes and size bling like diamonds. Women love to go classy and elegant for their office parties, have a diverse collection of round, teardrop, square or oval studs on one click away. With different shapes and size what goes endless is the shine, mesmerising glitter and glamorous look.

In the real world now where everything is going online buying and selling, assist you with a wide collection of jewellery and giving you an experience of the real jewellery store with its diverse range and unique designs. We understand that earrings are the most important accessory every woman adores, providing you ease to buy feature to our window leaves you with the best experience. 

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