Artist Haat Marble Pillar Clock Decorative designer Pillar Clock

Brand: Artist Haat
Product Code: GH041
Weight : 502 grams.
Length : 5 cm.
Width : 5 cm.
Height : 12 cm.
Availability: 7
Product #: GH041

Condition: New
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Ex Tax: Rs.599.00
Now look at the time and add a glam touch to your interiors with any of these striking table watches and clocks. This particular table watch, as you will see is skillfully designed and contains a lot of detailed work in it, which is all done without any help of molds or any other product. It is made hand crafted from high quality marble and reflects the immense creativity and color palate which will without a doubt suit any and all style of décor. Artist haat presents products which are efficient and which have a unique touch of its own in every product they create.

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