Artist Haat Marble Table Watch Clock Decorative designer Table Clock

Brand: Artist Haat
Product Code: GH045
Weight : 572 grams.
Length : 10 cm.
Width : 10 cm.
Height : 8 cm.
Availability: 7
Product #: GH045

Condition: New
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Ex Tax: Rs.599.00
Change your corner tops, shelves or tables with any of these extremely created watch clocks which adds elegance and luxury to your interiors. This table watch is well executed in every way; the shape, the impressive color combination, and the delightful design on it which is charismatic. The table watch is hand crafted; it contains merged designs and artwork that is done without using any kind of mold. This table watch can also be used as a decorative artifact, which will give your interiors an imperial touch. Artist Haat is well known in the market to bring an ample assortment of products which are fresh and thrilling in every way, and are long lasting

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