Artist Haat Laddu Gopal chowki

Brand: Artist Haat
Product Code: GH035
Weight : 269 grams.
Length : 10 cm.
Width : 10 cm.
Height : 10 cm.
Availability: 7
Product #: GH035

Condition: New
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The word, Krishna means, one who is always in the transport of joy. He is also known as Makhan Chor as he was fond of makhan during days of childhood. Marble carved "Laddu Gopal eating Makhan" brings wisdom, knowledge and prosperity into your home space. Shining like the full moon, Laddu Gopal is dear to his devotees and is definitely pleasant to look upon. Adorn your home with this beautiful statue which has been hand painted with bright colors for an exclusive look. It serves as a great gift, especially around religious celebrations, Janmashtami, house warming ceremonies, and festivities. Each piece reflects the artistic qualities and time one has taken to shape this appreciative décor.

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